Promoting the advancement of Aboriginal women on to boards and committees to ensure involvement in decisions that affect them and their families

Although Indigenous women have accomplished a great deal, IAAW recognizes that an important part of community success is the development of new community leaders. The Esquao Leadership Development Program was created to expand on the previous work done by the IAAW. In an effort to increase communication skills and leadership opportunities for Indigenous women, our program strives for the following goals:

  • Increase the participation of Indigenous women in their communities through mentorship, training, and intergenerational exchange
  • Prepare women for future leadership roles in their communities, or for participation in leadership activities such as serving on boards and committees
  • Write support letters for women applying for boards and committees 
  • Build confidence and foresight for young Indigenous women to utilize their leadership capabilities in partnered community service activities 
  • Provide resources for women wanting to activate their community on an issue
  • Host gatherings for leaders to share their advice and guidance to inspire others

The program focuses on building knowledge through leadership activities and sharing participant experiences. This includes increasing awareness about the issues affecting the Indigenous community, opportunities available in local community activities, and various Indigenous community project partners.