The Firekeepers wellness program focuses on addressing addictive behaviours through cultural understanding and ceremony.

The program provides a safe space for our women to share their stories, learn traditional ways of healing, and experience the support of their peers and elders. We are committed to wholistic wellness in a safe and sober community – addressing the root causes of addiction and trauma to support healing and growth, and helping women transitioning from correctional facilities.

The traditional meaning of Firekeeper is one who protects a body after a soul passes, keeping the ceremonial fire burning as mourners gather and grieve. It also refers to the sacred role of women at the centre of their homes and communities, to keep the fire burning and support others in their healing and growth.

Community activities help our women experience fun, connection, and friendship in a sober and safe setting. We also welcome families to our community activities, with mothers and daughters often attending together and healing relationships that have been damaged by addiction and trauma.

The Firekeepers program is about building a circle of care, where women at all stages of their healing journeys help one another. Within the circle, lifelong friendships are built.

Throughout the years I’ve continued to work on myself and utilized the supports such as Firekeepers and one-on-ones. I am very thankful for all the support and help I’ve received throughout my incarceration and in the community.

– Firekeepers program participant

Check the calendar or contact us at, (780) 479-8195 or 1-877-471-2171 (toll-free) for more details.