1. Programs


kîkway isihecikewin

Our projects, services and programs are developed by and for Alberta’s Indigenous women, and are open to all First Nations, Métis and Inuit women and their families.

Esquao offers a range of empowering programs and services for Indigenous women aimed at reducing barriers and promoting equal access to opportunities for women in our community.

Esquao Awards

Since 1995, we have proudly coordinated a community recognition ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of exceptional First Nation, Métis, and Inuit women in Alberta.

Esquao Youth Leadership Development

Building skills and confidence in young women aged 13-17 years old, this leadership development program includes overnight camps, exposure to community leaders, and discussions about career opportunities.

Financial Literacy

The Financial Independence Training (FIT) program addresses poverty in a cultural context by building skills and confidence in women and girls. As part of the Empower U collaborative, participants’ savings are matched to increase their ability to learn, build, or save.


The Firekeepers wellness program focuses on addressing addictive behaviours through cultural understanding and ceremony.

Healthy Relationships

Held weekly for 10 weeks, these two-hour online sessions provide opportunities to increase awareness and education about violence prevention and support for Indigenous women.

Job Entry Navigator Program

The Esquao Job Entry Navigator works one-on-one with Indigenous women to provide assessments and supports to help them successfully enter or re-enter the workforce.

Justice Initiatives

Esquao has extensive experience in collaborative action planning on reforms needed to improve outcomes for Indigenous women accessing or involved in the justice system.

Check the calendar or contact us at iaaw@iaaw.ca, (780) 479-8195 or 1-877-471-2171 (toll-free) for more details or to register.