Iskwewak Iskotew Nihkotawan – Women’s Fire Lodge

Since the very beginning, Esquao has been committed to building strong, safe, and healthy communities by providing a culturally safe space for Indigenous women from all walks of life.


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The Women’s Fire Lodge offers short-term housing solutions for up to 18 months for Indigenous women who are leaving correctional facilities, women who are experiencing homelessness, or who face multiple barriers that put them at risk of experiencing homelessness.

The Fire Lodge has 20 renovated and furnished suites that provide a safe place to live; access to health, wellness, and life supports; an opportunity to build social connections, and to participate in recreational programming that ensures Indigenous women build skills, cultural knowledge, and the confidence to thrive, as they transition into more permanent market housing


Who does Women’s Fire Lodge serve?

Indigenous women leaving federal correctional services, young Indigenous women (independent or over 18 years of age), or senior Indigenous women experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness.


What are the criteria for admission into the Women’s Fire Lodge? 

  • Must be referred from a professional or organization.
  • Individuals at risk of experiencing homelessness.


What might exclude an applicant from Women’s Fire Lodge? 

  • Clinical complexity beyond scope of available service.
  • Family needs are unsuitable for available residency space.


What are the activities directly supporting Women’s Fire Lodge participants? 

  • Access to Elders and Ceremonies.
  • Healthy relationships workshops with cultural wholistic teachings on the mind, body, heart and spirit while integrating the Seven Sacred Teachings.
  • Financial Literacy – being aware of predators, budgeting, saving.
  • System navigation – justice system, income support, mental health services, health services, legal system, family reunification, market housing.
  • Addictions support (Firekeepers Circle).
  • Healthy meal preparation.


Being with Esquao has opened up a lot of doors for me and has had a positive impact on my life. All of the staff are super friendly, helpful, and I can count on them to be there. I feel safe and secure here and I have people to advocate for me, and that makes my life a lot easier.

In Partnership with

Homeward Trust Edmonton

Check the calendar or contact us at, (780) 479-8195 or 1-877-471-2171 (toll-free) for more details.