Indigenous Skills Employment Training (ISET) Program

The ISET program supports Indigenous women to improve their skills through training and education, and to find meaningful employment.

Supports and services include individual training purchases, self-employment benefits, group training, special projects, and on-the-job training.

Esquao’s ISET program provides employment and training support services across Alberta for First Nation, Métis, Inuit, urban and non-affiliated Indigenous women aged 15 years or older.


Starting College/University as a mature student with a busy family (4 kids), is terrifying, overwhelming, and a little crazy. Schedules, travelling, deadlines, and the dreaded finances all bring significant stress. But things are meant to happen when they do and I am so proud to have completed the Indigenous Bachelor or Social Work Degree at University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills. With the support of the IAAW ISET program, the stress of financial strain was limited. With the extreme inflation of all our household bills and the increase of gas prices, receiving financial support was crucial with my being able to complete the program. With receiving the support from ISET it is not just financial support, it is also supporting in other ways such as, I now have the pride within myself in completing this program, and I have been able to show my children that it is never too late to do something you love and that it takes sacrifice and hard work to achieve it.

– ISET Participant




  • Indigenous women (First Nations, Inuit, Metis)
  • 15 years of age or older

Women seeking funding support must be unemployed, under-employed or able to demonstrate an immediate risk of being unemployed.



Click here to download the ISET Application

  1. Complete the ISET Application
  2. Gather together required documents
  3. Email the application and documents to the ISET Coordinator at

Required Documents

  • Letter of Acceptance from an educational institution
  • Copy of your ID
  • Letter of decision from other funding sources (First Nation, Settlement, etc.)
  • ISET Application

Check the calendar or contact us at, (780) 479-8195 or 1-877-471-2171 (toll-free) for more details.