Women’s Leadership Gathering

On March 28th, 2023, Esquao hosted a Women’s Leadership Gathering at the Edmonton Inn in Edmonton, Alberta. This gathering is a part of the “Supporting Indigenous Women’s and 2SLGBTQQIA+” project where Esquao will engage with Indigenous women in Alberta on the barriers to success. Through four yearly gatherings, Esquao will explore opportunities for input, prepare and match Indigenous women to municipal, and provincial decision-making opportunities.

Objectives of the Supporting Indigenous Women’s and 2SLGBTQQIA+ Project 

  • Engage grassroots in the development of the government’s legislative and policy agendas.
  • Ensure the government’s policies, programs, legislation, and services are reflective of the grassroots priorities and perspectives.
  • Increase awareness of government policies and programs among Indigenous women and 2SLGBTQQIA+.
  • Improve access to funding opportunities through relationship building across all levels of government.

Project Outcomes

  • Indigenous grassroots women and 2S people in Alberta have the opportunity to provide input into Esquao initiatives, free from barriers.
  • Indigenous women are prepared for leadership positions on government committees and councils. Introductions between interested Indigenous women and 2S people and government department representatives are made.
  • Increased awareness of community members who are working on initiatives that support the development and advancement of Indigenous women.
  • Stakeholders and government partners have the opportunity to work collaboratively with Esquao and Indigenous women on organizing yearly gatherings.
  • Smaller or less developed organizations such as 2S organizations in Alberta have the opportunity to participate in this project.

Thank you to Project Adult Literacy Society, Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, The Today Centre, Student Legal Services, Indigenous Psychological Services, Neighbourhood Empowerment Team (NET), and Edmonton Fire Rescue Services for attending and providing resources to the participants.



“I really enjoyed the mini-info discussions at the tables. It’s very inspiring to learn about the services available to help break through the barriers that are in place. It’s nice to be around people with similar goals and it helps with a sense of belonging.” 
“Leadership gathering was a great opportunity to inspire and learn within the Indigenous community.” 
“My favourite part was the different wisdom and knowledge of Indigenous women and learning about different Indigenous women leaders.”
“I enjoyed the inspirational speaker. Table discussions were a great opportunity to heal different opinions and hear from different generations.”
“I am trying to build myself a stronger, healthier community. Acquiring knowledge and resources for myself and my friends is always useful.” 


Women’s Leadership Gathering