Financial literacy is about building the knowledge, skills and confidence to
make appropriate financial decisions. It’s not just about saving money, but
building financial decision-making skills over the short and long- term.
Whether managing a monthly budget, planning for a child’s education,
understanding the consequences of financial decisions, or having
knowledge to interpret financial documents and products – we help
women increase their confidence in making proactive decisions when it
comes to their money.

IAAW’s financial independence training addresses poverty in a cultural context by building skills and confidence in women and girls.

IAAW Offers

Empower U – Financial Independence Training (FIT)

The first project of its kind in Edmonton, Empower U is a collaboration
between ATB Financial, the United Way, IAAW and nine other
Edmonton organizations to reach 200 women in poverty per year.
Over the course of 20 weeks, Empower U participants explore their
relationship to money through:

  • Group sessions on budgeting, credit, financial priorities, and
    confronting personal barriers to saving
  • Regular one-on-one coaching to address individual financial challenges
  • Knowledge-sharing on how money management is linked to trauma
    and addiction

The Empower U program offers a matched savings component where
dollars saved towards a participant’s financial goal are matched on a 1:2
ratio. This means that every dollar a participant saves generates two dollars
in matched contributions towards the purchase of an asset.

Financial Empowerment Champions (FEC)

With funding from Prosper Canada, and in partnership with E4C, and
the Bissell Centre, IAAW is one of five FEC communities selected across
Canada to further develop financial empowerment interventions for
Aboriginal women through:

  • Individual financial literacy education including the development of a new curriculum targeted to Aboriginal and Housing Insecure people;
  • Training of all agency staff and integration of financial literacy into other programs such as parenting, healthy relationships and housing;
  • One-on-one financial coaching and the creation of financial action plans;
  • Individual support in opening bank accounts and filing taxes;
  • Helping individuals accessing government benefits and services, including the Canadian Education Savings Grant (CESG), Canada Leaning Bond (CLB), and RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plans).

Financial Connect (CLB)

With funding from the Government of Canada and in partnership
with E4C and Bissell Centre, IAAW will extend the Financial Connect
Gatherings to Aboriginal communities to provide access to financial
resources in one place, at one time, and at no cost. Services offered at
gatherings could include:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Obtain identification
  • Open a bank account or RESP
  • Helping individuals accessing government benefits and services, with focus on expanding the uptake of the Canada Leaning Bond (CLB)

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