Community recognition to honour the Aborginal women in Canada in the following areas; Arts (Performing or Literature), Business, Children’s Future, Community Involvement, Culture, Education, Environment, Health and Medicine, International Influence, Justice, Political Involvement, and Lifetime Achievement.

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Esquao Awards, IAAW

The Esquao Awards is the largest gathering to honour Aboriginal Women in Canada. It is unique because the community nominates the women, and the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (IAAW) coordinates the ceremony to honour them.
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Our Programs

Our Mission

Develop and deliver services that advance the individual capacity of Aboriginal women, their families, and communities

Create opportunities to address discrimination against Aboriginal women

Identify and promote opportunities for Indigenous women to participate in policy development and decision-making

Celebrate the strengths and achievements of Aboriginal women

Establish forums and networks for Aboriginal women to exchange information and experiences

Our Mandate

To recognize and promote the leadership of Aboriginal women in Alberta; to assist Aboriginal women in establishing local representative groups; to develop relationships to promote the human rights and dignity of Aboriginal women and their families; and to address economic, social, cultural and political issues at the provincial, federal, and international levels as they impact Aboriginal women in the communities.